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CDD = # of days since consciousness upload.
D = # of days since 19th december, 2018
365 = number of days in a year

CDD/D/365 * 1000 = X% Of your consciousness being lost.

Enter CDD
Enter D
Output = %


Relocation between the physical world and a network is really complex
which is why this percentage and calculator exists.
Although by physical world standards, this dying and weakening out
is absolutely nothing. 0.000000001% weaker a day to give an overestimation.
Even that is enough because of the fragility, to give some numbers of your chances of being lost.

The algorithms are based on very recent findings within the networks used to transer consciousness.
It's weakening and dying out. Our technology is still considered very primitive
So, there's a chance that the more time that passes on, the more likely you are to have yourself "corrupted"