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271 Initiatives online

0. Love Lain
1. Respect the channel topic. Erotic content goes in #superporn.
2. Lolicon, shotacon, child pornography, scatological pornography, and guro are not permitted on INITIATE, including #superporn and Apollo.
3. Respect the Discord Terms of Service at all times.
4. Do not cause harm to INITIATE or any of it's close affiliates or one of the members of it's community be it through Doxxing, Hacking, Account Hijacking or any other applicable reasons.
5. Respect the Mods and Admins.
6. Lewding Lain is ban and considered the greatest sin.
7. Please do not bring systemspace drama here! We would like everyone to have a new beginning!
8. Lain lewders burn in hell.
9. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Tomboy days. These are tomboyposting holidays.

I've read and confirm the above