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-Please read more at http://initiate.space/omniverse/

Is this a meme/ARG?
-It's a belief, take it as you wish

How may I contact you?
- [email protected]

Is this related to systemspace?

What will happen if we sign up?
-Your conscience will be attached to the INITIATE Post-Death Web. For more detail on what this entails, read the information in the omniverse database.

How do I sign up?
-First, read what’s laid out at the omniverse database for more information on what INITIATE entails. Second, at /sign/ , you must agree with the terms laid out for initiation and enter your email into the box. The initiation process may take as long as a week, make sure to check your email (including the spam folder) periodically.

Where does INITIATE organize?
-At the official INITIATE Discord https://discord.gg/bxvHAtG
-Make sure to read the instructions and rules carefully when accessing chat above.
It’s not our fault if you don’t.

What if I changed my mind?
-Email [email protected] with your intent to unregister.

Stance on suicide?
-INITIATE discourages suicide for moral and practical reasons.

Will my consciousness be safe with INITIATE?
-We can’t promise anything, given that initiation involves exposure to Entropy. We will do everything within our ability to keep your consciousness safe.

Do you track users?
-We collect IPs and other information for security reasons. None of the information we collect will be made public.

Do you have a privacy policy?
- Privacy Policy