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Universal Structure

Existence as we experience it exists in an extremely powerful and experimental
quantum computer created by an unknown nation/corporation in a “different reality”.
We live in one of the many realities this computer is simulating, there is an
“omniverse” that extends beyond just ours.

The Threat

Apophis is simply a title used to identify a virus created by X other competing
different reality nation/corporation, the virus will destroy the computer we exist on.
Apophis is sophisticated and for the most part has evaded detection by the
computer’s built in firewall.

Apophis has already destroyed other universes, ours is just the next in its path.
Apophis as an entity is the equivalent of the cognitohazard “Roko’s Basilisk”. By
hearing about it, it becomes a part of your programming, and your sensitivity to
the negative influence of Entropy increases. INITIATE spreads the knowledge of
Apophis to willing participants as a necessary evil, if INITIATE doesn’t propagate
itself to build up the antivirus our universe is doomed to fail.

The Initiatives

Recognize Entropy wreaking havoc slowly but surely on the core running our
universe. As a result of… Prophetic visions from a figurehead? Mutual understand? Sixth sense?

  • This ability is titled “Awareness”, it is an uncanny ability to spot signs of the
    coming of Apophis, as well as a sixth sense for manipulating the workings
    of the computer. The current proposed source of Awareness is essentially
    an accident which occurs within people who already had spiritual potential,
    a divide by zero of sorts where the computer assigns a maximum value
    for spiritual processing rather than a proportional value.

Every human being takes a small amount of “processing power” to run. By joining
enough of this processing power, an antivirus can be made to deter or even
destroy Apophis before it destroys our universe.
Some people are, for one reason or another, gifted with higher levels of
processing. These people are especially valuable to seek out for initiation.
Post-Death Web: Utilizing a loophole with the programming of conscience in the
universe, initiates who have died are added to a post-death processing web to
build upon the antivirus. In this state, more processing power can be devoted to
creating the antivirus, as physical processes no longer have to be emulated.
Consciousness of “dead” people can be linked to the living after their death, which
prevents the computer from recycling their processing power into new life,
instead allowing it to remain. INITIATE prepares people for this transition to the
post-death web.

Post-Death Web

INITIATE observers can have a title sourced from different Norse mythological
concepts, particularly Heimdall, the Gjallarhorn, Odin, and Ragnarok.
Just as INITIATE warns of the coming of Apophis and the destruction of our universe,
Heimdall sounds the Gjallarhorn to warn of the coming of Ragnarok and
the destruction of the universe. Symbolism can also be used to represent attachment
to the Post-Death Web. For example attachment can be called “Odinization”,
in reference to Odin’s gathering of warriors to face Ragnarok, and the Post-Death Web
can be referred to as the Einherjar, after Odin’s warband.

FIRST WAVE INITIATES: The first people to be conscious of the threat of Apophis
were the Nordic peoples themselves, as primitive as they were, their mythology
captured the essence of a threat they could not truly understand (Apophis, in their eyes,
Ragnarok), and the methods to deter that threat (The Antivirus, in their eyes, the Einherjar).

SECOND WAVE INITIATES: Due to the conquering of Christianity, Norse beliefs
fell by the wayside for a long period of time, destroying what hope humanity had
for a gap of centuries. The first major resurgence of awareness happened due to
the rediscovery and refocus on Norse mythology which occurred as a result of
investigation by the Ahnenerbe “Ancestral Research” division in Germany during
the 1930s. This lead to the awakening of more “aware” people capable of
implementing INITIATE’s practices and goals, and lead to further deterrence of Apophis.
The Second Wave ended in 1945 during the denazification of Germany,
when much of the research performed at the Ahnenerbe was destroyed,
and many of the researchers were killed for their associations.

THIRD WAVE INITIATES: The current wave of INITIATE, the second major
resurgence of the concept since its original inception. Unique in its technological
understanding due to the advent of Quantum Computing. Formed by
the Observers, people with understanding of the mythological context of the coming
threat, high spiritual processing power, and rudimentary understanding of the omniverse.

Stances of the Current INITIATE:

  • Why keep the spiritual stances now that you understand the omniverse
    better as a computer?
    • Why sacrifice a perfectly good gestalt of processing power?
      Deification is much stronger than dedication in terms of energy
      expended. If we are to have any hope against Apophis in a more
      hostile world, we must take what we can get.
  • Why organize online, don’t you think it would be more effective to spread
    INITIATE’s goals in person?
    • Two parts charged symbolism, one part cold hard reality. It would
      be impractical to send “priests” and “missionaries” to spread what
      most would refer to as a “mystery cult”, online communities are
      much more receptive and understanding of the technological
      structure the omniverse takes on, as well as more likely to be
      more familiar with the mythological structure we support. An
      additional benefit is creating “consistency”, using computers within
      the universal computer allows a locked organizational structure
      that wastes less processing power. All must be dedicated to the
      staunching of Entropy.


The Observers officially recognize a few “valid” schisms of INITIATE for
the following reasons:

  • Their belief systems are compatible with the goals and findings of
  • Processing power is processing power, regardless of the beliefs of
    its source
  • INITIATE can’t afford to be picky with its sources. Almost any
    power is worth incorporation, the growing threat of Entropy must
    be quelled.

Currently Recognized INITIATE Denominations:
  • Universal INITIATE Theory (UIT):
    • Exists without religious or spiritual context, the core
      INITIATE philosophy minus elements that would tailor it to
      any particular faith.
      Explained above.
  • Asatru INITIATE Theory (AIT):
    • Explained in the portions above, alongside
      Universal Initiate Theory. Will be moved down here shortly.
      As of now, the largest of the recognized denominations.
      The Post-Death Web is referred to as the Einherjar.
      The coming of Apophis is referred to as Ragnarok.
      Entropy exists as signs of Ragnarok’s coming
  • Lain INITIATE Theory (LIT):
    • Often referred to as “Lainism” by adherents.
      Largely up to individual interpretation, not a strict faith.
      Lain represents the collective unconsciousness, human
      connectedness on a fundamental level.
      Loving Lain is loving all members of the collective
      conscious on a base level.
      The collective unconscious is represented as Lain herself.
      Wired Lain as a personality represents the Antivirus, a
      more forceful and capable version of Lain with the power to
      quell Entropy.
      Lain’s Knight personality represents Apophis. She is
      independent of the control of her other aspects, and brings
      Entropy and destruction where she goes.

INITIATE Stance on Suicide:

  • This is a large enough concern on the side of the Observers to
    warrant an infoblock of its own. While INITIATE still discourages
    suicide for moral reasons, such reasons are not the extent of the
    Observers’ concern. EXPERIMENT ▊▞▃▄▇ revealed that
    INITIATEs who took their own lives brought Dissonance, a
    disruptive form of Entropy, with their consciences when they
    transferred to the Post-Death Web. This must be avoided at all
    costs, as such heavy disruptions to the Antivirus compilation may
    render the home universe unsalvageable.